New Innerhythmic releases scheduled 2004

January 27th:
Zillatron: (Bootsy Collins) Lord of the Harvest
Buddy Miles: Hell and Back
February 24th:
Shine: (Buckethead, Bill LAswell, Shin Terai) Heaven and Hell

Recent Laswell projects of note:
Tabla Beat Science DVD: Talamanam Sound Clash, Further Adventures in Hypercussion is out now on Palm. Filmed June 21st, 2002, with 12 cameras at the legendary Fillmore in San Fransisco, these two DVDs document a Tabla Beat Science performance every fan will want to own.

GIGI’s stellar new album Gold and Wax is now finished with a release coming early next year Lilli Hayden Light Blue Sun is now out on RCA Victor.

Charged Live has arrived and is in stores on
October 29th (in Europe January). The album features selections from Japan, Germany and Holland tours 1999-2001 with the phenomenal line-up of Eraldo Bernocchi, Toshinori Kondo, Bill Laswell, Hamid Drake, DJ Disk and Aiyb Dieng. Check the releases page for more information.