Invisible Design

Bill is in the process of creating a Solo Bass exhibition called “Invisible Design.” read more…

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Bill has been traveling quite a bit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and is exploring new ways of freeing the creative process there. He’s begun this process with a focus on a few artists, both young and mature. He’s built a recording studio to house this exploration.

Rise Again is the Lee Perry record that his fans have been waiting for

The Bill Laswell produced Lee “Scratch” Perry record, Rise Again was released this month and Relix greeted it with a three-page feature on Laswell. read more…

Innerviews: Music Without Borders

Anil Prasad’s new book Innerviews: Music Without Borders contains a broad historical overview of Bill Laswell’s career, with an entire chapter that look at the evolution of Material, connecting cultures, the business of music, the difficulties of bringing global musicians into the USA, his relationship with Miles Davis, working with PiL and Motorhead, and much more. read more…

Material with Gigi

Bill Laswell’s band, Material, will accompany Gigi on February 5 during a sold out 10,000 seat performance in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. It’s Gigi’s first home performance since leaving the country 10 years ago.

Rise Again

Bill Laswell just completed producing a new record for the master of dub himself, Lee “Scratch” Perry. read more…

Method Of Defiance – Jahbulon

Bill Laswell’s band Method Of Defiance just released its new album, Jahbulon, on October 26 via MOD Technologies. The band showcased the new material at Santo’s Party House in NYC November 6.

Lee “Scratch” Perry album

Bill Laswell is currently producing a new record for the master of dub himself, Lee “Scratch” Perry. There are some pretty major guest starts involved, including George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and Tunde Adebimpe from TV on the Radio.

Coming April 25th is the latest from Innerhythmic

Unearthed from the vaults comes Praxis “Zurich”. read more…

The Last Poets now available

The Last Poets Holy Terror is now available in stores and here through our site.
read more…

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